2 years ago

When you loose your mind

Wow. Somehow I just forgot about steem with all this corona trouble.

Now I'm just thinking about how to reconnect.

I was working a lot with my mindset the last few weeks.

And... it is just all about it.

Our thoughts determine a lot of our perception, how to percieve our in- and outside world. Some of you might have also your expirience with this topic.

Mind - Freedom and Jail

I think I am free
I think you and me

are good and strong
I think despite this storm

we are free in our mind

because there is a free space
you can always take place

from there you can observe
your thoughts, emotions and the universe!

with observation you just know
you're not your feelings that inside grow
you're not your thoughts which think they know.

No, YOU are in charge of this.
Are you listening to this stories?
Or can you let them go?

Percieve the flow inside yourself.
Percieve your freedom, don't hide yourself.

Thru observation you realize, that there is to distinguish from thougths, emotions and YOU.
How else could you observe it then - think wise.

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