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What Direction

Hey there!
Just found some lyrics on paper! I kinda liked how it just looked a bit old and crupled-up ;)
by @miraicastel

as you can see it actually is a lyric for a song which I have mostly recorded but not whole! it takes much time to record with a friend until everyone is happy. I hope to provide it soon ^^ Hope you like it!
Here a bit more legible:

What Direction

Don’t know where to start
Don’t know in what direction
It will take us

Life is winding around us
Life is flowing thru us
It never ends

We have been pushed by the worlds tides
To put aside all what’s keeping us
From being great
From being ourselves

Restrictions and upheavals
Dancing around us
The fight between good and evil
Is where we can find us
To decide
Where the tides
Are taking us

Where the bright light can shine trhu us

Where are you standing
What are you demanding
From life?

See deep inside
And find

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