2 years ago

Use also difficult situations to be creative

Thru trouble we can let us inspire to be creative.

Also in this corona time we are all in a special setting and maybe not everything is fine and easy going. But out of this we can become inventive.

As I had a fight a few days ago I just let the feelings I had flow out from my hand and wrote them down to paper also in shape of a poem.

It is just a snapshot of a difficult moment and a song will follow up, but first only lyrics:

Not sure

*Sometimes we don't find the right words to say
Stay here, or go away

We can be mean. Out of injury

We feel unseen in misery

Try to find a way to communicate

But it doesn't work even with fate.

You try to clear up the sky

You try to be constructive

But back comes unmindfullness

And without knowing, destructive.

Not aible to see, not aible to be in peace.

And the funny part someone is observing it and resting at ease.

To much for my sensitive heart

That almost falls appart in such a trublefull time.

You want to stick together

also in stormy weather
try to find a way

but didn't espect what others might say.

Now I'm on my way home,
where I will be alone.

In this trubleful time.

You might ask are you still mine?

And I will say that I can't be pushed around.

And my heart feals like stone
with a crack more like a bone
than an organ.

But there is still life and hope because in the very inside is a diamond I just bring to see who really wants to be with some one like me. Who treats me with carefullness and love.

Not sure what You bring to me

Not sure if you can see me.

Not sure if I am good to you

Not sure what we are up to

Not sure

Not sure

Not sure.*

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