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Like To Know

Wow thank you so much for this reward to my last post, that came just so unexpected but made me stunned and happy :).

Today in train just a little poem came out of my fingers :) (non related to the anatomy thing) And you're really welcome to answer to it.

Like To Know

What's love
What's hate

What is a dwarf
What is a mate

What's a steem
What's a choice?

What's a dream
What's a voice?

What is inside of you coming up
What's coming thru and cheering up?

What is your motivation to be?
What is your kind of way to see,

The world, Life, The Universe?

Is it hidden in your purse, or do you share it loud?
Are you hiding withing in yourself, or shouting out?

I'd like to know, how do you grow?

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