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Let go

Often we engage with our minds in things we can't change.

It can be an answer who someone gives. A thing who someone does, or situations that just occur.

So we start to think how wrong or bad something was and how it doesn't fit in our point of view.

But, what does it change?
We might get angry or even give harsh answers back and make other people angry too.

So what do you get from it?
Bad feelings, regularly.

When we recognise this moments we can choose if we want to get deeper in this suck or just simply let go and detach from the situation.
This way we can percieve peace - or at least cause less displeasing gut feelings.

In this sense:


Let go your suffer
Let go your hurt
Accept it
Embrace it
don't say a word.

Our minds' chatter
can't change what matters
but it can create
what brings fun an peace
With love, fate and detachment
we can be at ease.

It is never to late to turn around
and come back from the ground
go up, up, up to the sky
thoughts like clouds passing by

As a Soul you can fly.

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