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20200211_185301.jpg drawing by @miraicastel

Finding hard to find some words

what is it, that it hurts...
so much in my heart.

what is it, that means we fall apart?

what is it, that wants to be true?

what is it, that want's to be only me and you?

Have I been enchanted?

Have I been ensnared?

by what spell? I would defenetly share!

But does it really matter?

Isn't it just chatter
of my mind?

Is it that why it is hard to find,
some proper words?

I know now why it hurts.

But too personal for the internet.

You wan't to know, I bet!

But actually I am just here

trying to be sincire

finding a few rimes

that put myself in line
with spirit

with light

Now I know why it's hard to find

some words.

Do you know too?

20200211_185301.jpgdrawing by @miraicastel

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