Process and therapeutic use

Hey there... :) Long time no see. I just found some time to draw again and just was reminded again of how relaxing it can be to let thoughts go, deepen into colours and shapes and use it as a (occupational- ʕ· ᴥ· ʔ ) -therape...

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What Direction

Hey there! Just found some lyrics on paper! I kinda liked how it just looked a bit old and crupled-up ;) by @miraicastel as you can...

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Little Inner Outbreak

Hey there :) Check my little inner outbreak of today ;) I can imagine some of you might feel the same. ...

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Strange? Rearrange

Hey there :) Here a little song lyric to think if you like to. picture by @miraicastel in Turbental Stran...

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What do you like to do?

Hello everybody here is a almost new lyric I wrote for a song. Hope you like it ;) painting by @mirai...

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Dragon Eye

This is a cross post of @miraicastel/dragon-eye by @miraicastel.Loving Dragon Eyes so I wrote about its fascinating attraction and tryed t...

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Dragon Eye

---- by @miraicastel Dragon Eye Dra...

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Creative Time Slot

by @miraicaste...

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Unfinished but it's okay

Well maybe some of you know how it can be to work on a drawing and you just don't know what to add to make it complete? Or also sometimes I just simply don't find the motivation to really end them. So I decided just to post my unfini...

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What do you want?


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Flowing Thoughts

drawn by @miraicastel Flowing thoughts My brain feels like ...

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drawn by @miraicastel Eyes They see They narr...

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